I need to clarify something…

(And this is important…)


Last week I sent you an email with a Survey Funnel Case Study.

(Did you see it?)

It’s from one of my private students – who started from absolute NOTHING in a Pet Niche.

In case you missed it, here are his initial numbers again:



The thing I need to clarify is this:

On that LAST section on the right – PHASE III…

It says “Projections”…

And a few people asked me about that – wondering if I just “made those numbers up”…


The label on that section should more accurately say “Month to Date” – because those are our ACTUAL month-to-date revenue numbers from 1ShoppingCart…

ACTUAL month-to-date advertising expense numbers from Yahoo/Bing…

And our ACTUAL # of Aweber subscribers…

(The reason it says “Projections” is because we don’t have a full month data – and worst-case, we’re projecting what we’ve actually achieved so far…)

Make ‘em sense?

If you’d like… I’ll try to post an update in August when we have full month data so you can see how the month played out.

Would you like that?

If yes, *HIT REPLY* – send me a “Hell Yeah!” to let me know…

And you what?

When you do that – take a moment to tell me “What’s YOUR #1 priority in your business this week?”…

I’m curious to know…

Cool? :-)


Okay, I’ll leave you with that for now… Hope your week is off to a ROCKIN’ start!…

Peace out!

Ryan :-)

P.S. In case you missed my email from last week with all the details on that CASE STUDY, I’ve included it again below for you…

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ryan Levesque <contact@rlassociatesllc.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 8:26 AM
Subject: SFF Student Case Study: Pet Market (After Starting from Scratch…)

I thought you’d like to see this:


So what you see there…

Is the first 6 months of one of my students – we’ll call him Roger (not his real name) – breaking into a BRAND NEW market using my Survey Funnel Formula process…

The niche is a Pet Market (specifics are withheld to protect my student’s – and my – financial interests).

Now I want to draw your attention to something important:

The THREE phases you see in that image:

PHASE I – This is the “Deep Dive” Survey Phase. Where we’re gathering data – and spending a little money on advertising to drive traffic our Deep Dive survey.

(Remember: The point of this phase is understanding the market’s hot buttons, and figuring out what segments exist.)

PHASE II – This is “Optimization” Phase. Here we’ve launched the Survey Funnel style funnel, we’re driving traffic to it, but we’re not yet profitable.


In this case, the only revenue we were generating was off of ONE product, through SVS (Same Visit Sale) ONLY. No email followup. No “Profit Maximization” upsell sequence. And under optimized headline and landing page design.

PHASE III – This is the “Tipping Point” Phase. Here you see a RADICAL shift in the economics, and we are IN THE BLACK.

In fact, here we’re making better than 2:1 on our advertising.

We have our funnel down.

This thing is ROCKIN’.

And by the way, in case you’re wondering about the relatively SMALL numbers?

Well, right now…

We’re ONLY advertising on Yahoo/Bing.

Which represents < 20% of the market – when we factor in Google Adwords.

(It’s even LESS than that when we take into account Facebook.)

We used Yahoo/Bing to optimize the funnel, work out all the kinks, and now we’re about to SCALE by adding Google Adwords as our next traffic source.

And when we do that and grab the REMAINING 80% of traffic through Adwords (on the same KWs we’ve proven convert) the numbers will look more like $15,000/mo in revenue…

And typically, when I expand to Google Adwords traffic from Bing…

My margins actually improve. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this translates to an $8500/mo in PROFIT business, which would put things around $100K annualized.

Not too shabby for a relatively small, obscure Pet Niche.

So what’s this got to do with YOU?

A few things:

First, most people who go through the Survey Funnel Formula process for the first time…

Lose faith or at least QUESTION the process as they’re going through PHASE II – the “Optimization Phase” where you’re not QUITE profitable yet.

In fact, one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see is when people get to this point – and they GIVE UP.

(Little do they know how CLOSE they are to that “Tipping Point” that’s so typical when building one of these things from scratch…)

This is that whole “Three feet from gold” thing Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich.

This is what that looks like in real life.

So when you get to that point?

Don’t stop.

You’re damn close.

Keep going.

That’s the first thing.

The second thing is this:

To go from “Losing Money” to “Wildly Profitable” – you DO gotta do a few things.

It ain’t just happening with magic and “intention”.

(Sorry to burst yer bubble :-) )

In this case, the specific “things” that got us to the “Tipping Point” were as follows:

1. Segmenting people into our 3 main segments using the “Bucket Survey” I teach in SFF…

2. Adding a 1-click upsell “Profit Maximization” sequence like I teach in SFF with just ONE product…

3. Adding a prospect “Do You Hate Me” email sequence like I teach in SFF – culminating in a 60% off SALE of our front-end product…

4. Adding a customer email sequence that sells customers “more stuff” after the initial purchase (in this case – 2 affiliate products, and 1 additional product we created.)

And that’s it.

Roger gets the credit with for sticking to the plan – and ruthlessly implementing. He followed the system. Trust my guidance. And he’s rockin’ and rollin’.

If you’re going through my Survey Funnel Formula training – then you’ve got the blueprint too.

It’s all there in front of you.

You just gotta put one foot in front of you – like Roger.

And if you want to work with me one-on-one to help accelerate the process and DRAMATICALLY increase your odds of success?

You can go ahead and sign up for my priority notification form for the NEXT time I open up private coaching / consulting slots here:

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But if you ARE interested – get yourself on that list.

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So I’ll leave you with that for now.


Three feet from gold.

Don’t stop.

Keep going.

The “Tipping Point” is nigh.

Peace out!

Ryan “King Maker” Levesque