If you were an “internet superhero”…

Who would you be?

Fun question, right?

In fact, it’s one I had to give some SERIOUS thought to recently…

After being invited to speak at the Traffic Superhero Summit this year.

And my choice?

Will probably surprise you.

(More on that in a second…)

First, reason why I bring all this up?

Is because as part of the Superhero Summit…

Before my FEATURED talk (which is in a few weeks…)

They asked me to do a quick Google Hangout TODAY…

(Like in a few hours…)

To “tease” people about my MAIN talk…

By revealing my #1 Juiciest Traffic Secret…

(Which I’m gonna do.)

So my question for you is this:

Wanna hear what that is?

Here’s where to access:


3 BIG Reasons to Show Up

#1 – This is a no-pitch event. Nothing to buy. Just pure juiciness.

#2 – I’ll be answering questions. It’s practically impossible to get ahold of me these days without paying my $500 hourly fee. Got a burning question? I’ll be taking ‘em. Here’s your chance to fire away.

#3 – You’ll get to see who my Traffic Superhero alter-ego is. (You need to show up *just* to see the artist’s rendering… It’s hilarious :-)

(re: Artist’s Rendering: All I have to say is… MY head… on THAT body made my wife spit out her drink when I showed it to her…)

So wanna hang out with me today?

Here’s the link:


Look forward to seeing you there…

Peace out!

Ryan :-)

PS – I’m a Google Hangout Virgin. (Yep.) So there’s a GOOD CHANCE I’ll probably do something really stupid in front of the camera :-)

If nothing else, that alone should give you reason to stop on by…


Gotta run to pick my parents up at the airport…

And then?

Gotta leave time in thar, t’ make me look awl purrrdy…

(Said in thick, West Virginian accent…)

See you in a couple hours!