Ocean’s Four: My Top 3 Takeaways (2 of 3)

Hey, Ryan here…

And today I’m going to tell you about the SECOND big takeaway I had from this past weekend’s “Ocean’s Four” ELITE Mastermind.

It’s a mind-set “shift” that’s essential to growing your business.

(And it’s something that basically ALL top business leaders have adopted – from Bill Gates to Ramit Sethi…)

Here’s what I’m talking about:

“Ocean’s Four” Takeaway #2 – The ONLY 2 Things You Should Do as CEO

The idea is this:

As the CEO of your company…

(And unless you’re at a point where you’ve hired an *actual* CEO… YOU are the CEO.)

…You should be moving your business in a direction where you only do TWO things:

#1 Predict


#2 Delegate

That’s it.


Well, maybe you’ve heard the saying:

“The speed of implementation is the #1 factor in success…”

In my experience, this is 100% true.

Because the faster you can take action…

…The more you can test and the more likely you are to succeed.

(And it’s why the “Delegate” part of this equation is so important.)

But here’s the thing…

Knowing WHAT actions to take?

WHAT to delegate?

That takes foresight – aka you gotta have the time, space and ability…


And that’s your #1 job as CEO.

YOU are guiding the ship.

You look at the potential obstacles and opportunities facing your business…

And you chart a successful course through these stormy waters.

As Captain?

Your job is hard enough.

So if you’re swabbing the decks when you should be charting a course to buried treasure…

…You’re probably going to run aground and NOT make it to “Treasure Island.”

Which is why we talked yesterday about just how important it is to have a rock-solid CREW you can count on.

Because if you REALLY want to take your business to the next level…

You need to MAXIMIZE the time you spend entirely focused on planning your next moves.

And the more you DELEGATE your “non-essential” tasks?

The more time you free up to PREDICT what’s next and plan your route based on that…

And as a result…

The better your voyage goes through the seas of business.


If you want to reach “Treasure Island” with YOUR business?

Think about how you can spend more time Predicting and Delegating…

…And build a team to take care of the rest.



That’s it for today.

One more “Ocean’s Four” Takeaway to come tomorrow…

Peace Out!

Ryan :-)

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