Remy Danton: House of Cards Marketing Lesson #3

So, we’ve covered Claire Underwood…

And her husband’s arch enemy…

Raymond Tusk.

So today?

Why don’t we switch gears…

And talk about the guy who ping-pongs between both sides…

And who has ZERO allegiance with EITHER team:

Remy Danton.

Political mercenary.

Survivor (maybe).

Always open to a better offer.

Which brings us to our BIG marketing lesson for the day:

You see, Remy’s got it figured out.

He knows what he wants.

His allegiance lies with whoever’s paying top dollar.

And he’s willing to “pivot” or change teams…

Whenever it makes sense.

So, the marketing lesson is THIS:

To be successful, it’s absolutely critical to have laser focus…

Gotta know what you want.

Need to have that bulls-eye to aim for…

Whether that’s knowing who your ideal customer is…

The ONE action you want that potential customer to take…

(Or both)

But here’s the catch:

If you’ve got that laser focus…

And you’ve ALSO got the blinders on to other potentially BETTER opportunities…

Then you’re making a mistake (and leaving serious money on the table).


I had a laser-focused goal today to write this damn email.

Had a 90 minute block between calls today to get it done – among a few other things.


This morning, I got a surprise text message from my wife inviting me to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant in town.

(aka – your classic “better opportunity”)

Lunch won.

Which is why you’re getting this tonight.


Here’s a better example.

A marketing one.

So, back in 2012 when I was *teaching* internet marketing stuff…

I came out with a VSL course with Jon Benson.

I think we sold it for $300 or $400 bucks.


Anyway, about 6 months after we’d put that course on the market…

I get a call from a friend of mine, Drew Kossoff.

(Drew is a big media buyer who lives out in LA)

Drew tells me he’s got a client who’s interested in talking to me about his VSL…

And wanted to know if I’d be open to hopping on the phone for 30 minutes with the client.


I don’t do that sort of thing.

And this particular client of his?

Hadn’t even bought my VSL course (not a good sign)…

But I value my relationship with Drew – and wanted to do him a solid.

So I agreed.

Did the call.

And the result?

The client booked me to do 3 VSLs over 12 months – worth WELL over $100K in business to me (and counting)…

And we’ve got our next project coming ‘round the corner next month…

Wasn’t interested in a $300 course…

Never talked to me before that call….

Never spent a dollar with me before then either.

He knew me by reputation. And he wanted the done-for-you option. Boom.

So the “big marketing lesson” is this:

Yes. Have that laser focus.

But keep your eyes (and mind) open for that “better deal”…

So many people slave away on their hands and knees chasing after pennies on the floor…

When they don’t realize there’s a hundred dollar bill sitting on the table in front of them.

Remy knows what he wants.

Has that laser-focus.

But he’s got his eye on ALL the tables.

So should you….

Peace out!

Ryan :-)

P.S. Tomorrow we wrap things up on this House of Cards business.

If you don’t watch the show and are wondering – when is this madness going to end???

One more day.

And tomorrow? It’ll be worth it…