One Science Fiction “Secret” that Can 10x Your Business…

If you’ve ever read old Marvel comics…

Then you might be familiar with this:


It’s called “The Uni-Mind.”

(And I’ll get to EXACTLY how this creepy looking creature can increase your business in just a moment…)

It’s what happens when a group of superheroes called “The Eternals” join together to form an all-powerful “Superbrain”.

Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:

“The Uni-Mind possesses all the powers, knowledge and combined intellect of those who are part of it, and all the participants share each other’s knowledge and can gain new insights and perceptions.

The Eternals often use it as a means to address problems or decisions that are deemed too difficult for them to solve as individuals.”


What would happen if you could tap into a “Uni-Mind” of MARKETING Superheroes?

You’d get insights like this:

And this 10X claim?

…Was based on JUST the feedback from myself, Andre Chaperon, Jack Born and Ben Settle.

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So imagine the game-changing insights you’d get by tapping into a “Uni-Mind” of not just me, Andre, Jack and Ben…

But over THREE HUNDRED heavy hitters from nearly every market under the sun?

What would you get?

You’d get the freshest, No-Holds-Barred FULL breakdowns of what’s working and WHY…

…DAILY reports from the marketing trenches  you can swipe and deploy into YOUR business, immediately.

Here’s just one example of what I’m talking about:



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See you on the inside…

Ryan :-)

P.S. Read this again:


I can’t emphasize this enough.

No matter how smart you may be by yourself…

If there’s ANY shortcut in this business?

This is it.