What (not) to email to your buyers…

Just got off a client call.

Long-time client.

#1 guy in his niche.

The conversation we were having was around:

“What should we mail to our buyers??”

Now, this is an easy question to answer when you’ve got just ONE front-end funnel.

But in this market?

We’ve got like, FIVE.

So things get a little tricky.


If customer buys offer A and C…

But NOT offer B…

What do you do?

And what if he just has offer B?

And what if he has A, B, and C already?

(See what I mean?)

Requires mapping out all your offers.

Putting them up on the whiteboard…

In fact, I’ve got another client doing a full-day consulting day with me here in Austin, TX in a few months for that reason alone:

To simply architect the whole thing out on the whiteboard together.

Btw – This is one of the things I do with practically all coaching clients.

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I expect them to get snatched up REAL quick.

Moving on.

When it comes to deciding “what to mail” to your buyers, here are a few *QUICK GUIDELINES* I like to follow:

#1 – Incubation.

After someone buys. I don’t like to slam them with 50 offers.

I like to get them to CONSUME the product they just bought.


Because here’s the thing:

When you can get customers to make THREE conversions with you…

(Something Sean D’Souza talks a lot about in his stuff, and something that came up a few times at our O4 Mastermind last weekend.)

That customer?

Will buy EVERYTHING you’ve got.

And the three conversions are:

1. Opt-In
2. Buy Product
3. Consume product

Once you’ve gotten them to do that?

Then you’ve got a lifer on your hands.

So the reason for incubation – is to get CONSUMPTION.

#2 – Take Them Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.

Once you get through the incubation period…

What do you sell them next?

I’ll tell you what I like to do:

Sell them MORE stuff around the topic they just bought.

Sound counterintuitive?

It isn’t.

Here’s why:

When you’re hot to learn something new…

Let’s just take the topic of copywriting.

Do you buy ONE book and call it a day?


But if you’re like MOST people…

That one topic?

Becomes a temporary obsession.

You go to Amazon.

Buy 5 different books.

Sign up for 17 different lists.

Enroll in some guy’s continuity program.

All around that ONE topic.

And your customers?

Ain’t any different.

They develop ravenous appetites.

But here’s the thing:

That appetite?

Will disappear like a fart in the wind…

And before you know it…

They’ve moved on to some OTHER topic.

Like “traffic” or “social media” or “positioning” or whatever.

So the “window” is short, and you gotta hit ‘em while they’re in heat.

Make ‘em sense?


Sh*t, I could talk about this stuff all day.

But I gotta run.

3 more back-to-back client calls today…

And these guys are gonna get pissed if I give away too much here on email :-)

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That’s it for today…

Peace out!

Ryan :-)

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Talk tomorrow!